Lydell Industries LLC was originally formed to explore, develop and promote high efficiency ideas.

High fuel efficiency technology (see page here)

360* Anti-gravity technology (see page here)

Perpetual motion technology (see page here)

We remain dedicated to the discovery of high efficiency methodology that can be applied to the general market with the end result being significantly improved technology for the following.

Transportation needs such as automobiles, trucks, flight, etc.

Home energy needs such as heating, cooling, power, etc.

Exploration, below and above.

While Lydell Industries LLC has been around for several years, the basic research and technology that the company utilizes has been in the making, in house, for 30 years. This includes various high efficiency prototype engines, generators, flywheels/gyroscopes, transmissions and other seemingly impossible inventions.

The success storage area is a small one. The failures fill up the yard, and the mind.