The Art Of Engineering For An Anti-Gravity Device.

There are two categories of so called anti-gravity.

One is a hypothetical phenomenon of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity.

The other is balancing the force of gravity with some other measure such as magnetism, aerodynamic lift or gravity shields.

Anti-gravity is the nullification of gravity, not repulsive gravity or negative gravity.

There is no shortage of efforts to create an actual anti-gravity device, from NASA, Gravity research foundation, Glenn L Martin company, Sir Herman Bondi, CERN, BPP program, Henry Wallace rotating device (picture), Thomas Townsend Brown Coolidge tube, Douglas Torr and Timir Datta’s gravity generator at the University of South Carolina, and many others, but in fact no technology exists today that neutralizes the effects of gravity. The use of magnets, any form of propulsion, propellers, springs etc. is not considered an anti-gravity device.

At Lydell Industries we continue to believe in and pursue our own anti-gravity thinking. We are currently constructing our eighth anti-gravity model.

Updates will be posted at appropriate intervals.

engineering for anti-gravity

Henry Wallace rotating device for anti-gravity. 1971